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Dealing with COVID-19

by Info Advantage

Advice on how to deal with COVID-19 as a business. Things we should be considering as business leaders.

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  1. Have a Work from Home/Remote Policy specifying expectations

    The largest concern we have for people working at home is that best practices are not followed to ensure your network/data is protected. Things you should have in place.

    a.)   Computer must have a current operating system (Windows/Mac/Linux) that is patched

    b.)   Computer MUST have an AntiVirus solution 

    Note: Many of our clients are using Sophos. We can install or provide users with the application to install Sophos on their home computers. (NOTE: Users can also download a free home  version of Sophos at It does not have the Zero Day Threat Protection like most of you have for the office, but it’s better than most home solutions.)

    c.)   Users must have a User Login setup on their Home PC if they are using it for work. The password should be 12 Characters or more.

    d.)   Users cannot leave their sessions open while they are away. Lock the desktop.

  2. Apply for Emergency Funding

    Apply for the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) and a Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security act (CARES) Small Business Loan programs (if you qualify). These are designed to help businesses keep their workforce employed during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis. Many of these offers are meant to keep your employees working and pay your operating expenses.

  3. Creative ways to retain your eployees

    a.)   Offer unpaid vacation time as an alternative to more drastic measures

    b.)   Shorten work hours 

    c.)   Multiple hats, the mantra of small business owners everywhere. Cross-train employees to cover positions lost or services terminated
  4. Look at extending your line of credit with your bank.

    Talk to your financial advisor or banking professional to discuss what options are available to you

  5. Have a Plan!

    We do not know what things will look like in the near future. Start planning for best and worst case scenarios. This takes time but is necessary, especially the “Worst Case” plans. The best, “worst case scenario”, plan is one that you do not have to use!

  6. Talk to your staff:

    a. Let your staff know what is going on. We provide regular updates to all staff members and encourage questions or concerns.

    b. Check on your staff. See how they are doing, what there concerns are. People are in different minds right now. Some are terrified of getting sick or losing their jobs. Others are not as concerned. Address those concerns. If you are a larger organization, meet with your department managers and have them talk to their teams. Management should be sending a consistent message to the staff.

  7. Make sure you have a Communications Platform in place. Tools like Microsoft Teams, Skype, or the many other platforms out there for all to use.  This will keep your staff in touch with each other and help them get answers quickly to save time.  We can help you set these up, set them up for you, or provide you with links to handle it internally.

    NOTE:  If you have Microsoft O365, you probably have Microsoft Teams now. It’s free to use.


If you have any questions or would like to talk, please feel free to contact any member of the Info Advantage team at (585) 254-8710. We look forward to moving past these uncertain time. We are all in this together and we are here for you, however we can help!

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