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Enable Your Employees To Work From Home

Enable Your Employees To Work From Home

by Info Advantage

Is your business "remote workforce" ready?

Amid the global increase in demand for remote work capabilities that are driven by recent events, Info Advantage is your premier solution adviser for technologies that allow a secure remote workforce. Info Advantage is working with numerous vendors across the industry to provide additional resources to help you and your business during the COVID-19 crisis.

protecting user endpoint interactions optimised

  1. Does the current technology infrastructure comply with the requirements?

  2. Can you document this compliance?

  3. If not, what actions need to be taken to meet the requirements?

Info Advantage, like most consulting firms, offers a basic network assessment. This is a good sales tool to survey your network topology from a high level. An IT Gap Analysis is NOT a basic network assessment.  An IT Gap Analysis is a much deeper dive into your technology infrastructure, including external and internal networks, printers, servers, workstations, mobile devices, and infrastructure present at that moment in time.  It also includes interviews with key staff members to discuss policies, procedures, areas of concern, wish list topics and more. All of this data is then compared to business goals.

Benefits of an IT Gap Analysis

  • An IT gap analysis provides vital inputs for the optimal use of IT infrastructure and improvement of current service levels to match defined service levels.

  • An IT Gap Analysis establishes specific target objectives by looking at the company's mission statement, strategic goals and improvement objectives.

  • An IT Gap Analysis analyzes current business processes by collecting relevant data on performance levels and how resources are presently allocated to these processes. This data can be collected from a variety of sources depending on what's being analyzed, such as by looking at documentation, conducting interviews, brainstorming and observing project activities.

  • An IT Gap Analysis compares its target goals against its current state and draws up a comprehensive plan that outlines specific steps to take to fill the gap between its current and future states, and reach its target objectives.

  • An IT Gap Analysis provides an objective report complete with summarized findings specific to your organization, best practice references, and recommendations to mitigate any identified issues.

While an IT Gap Analysis is not free, the cost is nominal compared to the valuable information provided as a result of an IT Gap Analysis conducted by the experienced team at Info Advantage. Fill in the form on this page or call (585) 254-8710 to get started today.

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