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Info Advantage's Mission

Info Advantage's mission is to improve the overall effectiveness of our charity & nonprofit organizations and foundations clients by providing information technology solutions that facilitate and enhance communication and engagement between nonprofit organizations and their stake holders. We do this by offering solutions and services, training, and consulting that help nonprofit organizations raise funds and communicate with their stake holders and manage their operations more effectively. 

NonprofitWinning Solutions!

At Info Advantage we know that our charity & nonprofit organization and foundation clients face special challenges. Not only do they have strict budgets, they are mostly self-defined and have much more than the standard cookie-cutter business operations in place. Much like the clients, the organizations as well as the individuals running them, a solution provider servicing this sector must be extremely well-rounded, creative and capable. By partnering with Info Advantage, you can put the focus back on your organizational leadership and strategy and reinvest your time where it counts: in your programs.

Charity and Non-Profit Technology Expertise!

Info Advantage's professionals have extensive experience helping architecture, engineering, and construction companies address industry-specific issues when implementing their networks. Our technical staff is familiar with the problems and considerations relating to the implementation of processes such as:

  • Donation Tracking
  • Grant Proposals
  • Membership Records
  • Document Management
  • HIPAA Analysis
  • System Integration
  • WAN Deployment
  • Asset Tracking
  • Process Review
  • Supplemental IT Staffing
  • RFP Development
  • System Architecture
  • Technology Planning

Flat-Rate IT Services Make Comprehensive Support Possible

At Info Advantage, we know that almost any business or organization can benefit from having a comprehensive plan for their IT management. Our flat-rate IT services provide a valuable solution for millions of companies, but for the nonprofit, they hold extra value. Having access to the tools and expertise that the organization wouldn’t normally be able to access provides an opportunity for nonprofits to do more good with their current budget.

Just like many businesses, nonprofit organizations have operational problems and productivity deficits that can be mitigated with the use of innovative technology. Since these organizations often have to work within the limits of some very strict budgetary confines, it can be very difficult for a nonprofit to have access to the technology an IT support coverage it needs. For this problem, Info Advantage’s IT services is a powerful solution.

Building Effectiveness Through Efficiency

Nonprofits Find IT Helpful in Serving Public Good

Operational bottlenecks can sink the effectiveness of some nonprofits. Keeping resources scheduled and on-point can often be difficult for the nonprofit that seems to be handling all their issues as they come. One problem with that act-and-react strategy is that organizational agility is impeded by having to stop progress to handle issues. For the nonprofit utilizing technology to attempt to build systemic efficiency, that downtime can be a major hindrance.

We offer access to consultants and technicians versed in creating the efficiency through technology. With our years of expertise building hardware, software, networking, and support plans for businesses of all types, we are in a unique position to help every nonprofit build the dynamic, reliable, and sustainable IT infrastructure they need to do the most good.

We Can Help With Compliance, Too

Info Advantage Can Provide Access to Network Security Experts

Nonprofits typically need to build secure platforms that have the ability to provide detailed reports as a part of federal, state, and industry mandates. Info Advantage’s technicians not only hold all the knowledge any nonprofit organization could need to lock down their network from attack, they also have access to all manner of security products that will keep any nonprofit compliant with the regulations they operate under.

To be sure that your nonprofit organization’s technology is working toward your stated goal, and not against it, call the IT experts at Info Advantage to schedule a consultation today at (585) 254-8710.

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