Policy Development

We help organizations write comprehensive policies to address today’s unique cybersecurity challenges such as bring-your-own-device (BYOD), incident response, and third-party vendor management.

Policy provides organizations with clarity and standardization. It governs how security controls are installed and configured and provides guidelines for employee behavior and interaction with these controls. Certain policy types are also mandated for regulatory compliance. Once created, policies have to be documented, published, and maintained.


The objectives of this initiative are as follows:

  • Identify gaps in policy that would lead to issues meeting best practice and/or regulatory compliance.
  • Ensure that policy documents align closely with current workflows, business practices, and company culture.
  • Get closer to passing an audit – The first thing many auditors look at is policy documentation.  By ensuring that your policy is up-to-date, you are showing your due diligence and are less likely to fail an audit or be fined.

 Info Advantage will (i) research and analyze the organization to determine policy priority and gaps in the organization’s policy library, (ii) create new or modify existing policies according to this scope document, (iii) document and deposit new policy in the organization’s policy library, and (iv) publish new policy to the impacted employees of the organization.


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